Stephen J. Balich:

I am your conservative voice on the Will County Board.  I stand against increased taxes, excessive regulation, and expansion of Government.


Some of my County Board accomplishments:

  • Member of the Will County Board Republican Caucus that lowered the existing tax rate,  simultaneously  approving the construction of a New Public Safety Building, Court House, Health Department headquarters and began a program to replace Will County Sheriff squad cars on an annual basis.

  • Continues to vote “No” to all tax increases.

  • Stopped mandatory sprinkler systems from being required in all homes.

  • Passed a Resolution allowing the Court to return your money for towing, storage, and administration (if found not guilty in court.)

  • Stopped the County from putting raised median barriers in the upcoming reconstruction of 143rd St.

  • Worked with Lockport to remove barricades north of Gougar and 147th, allowing for cars to cut through as in the past from 151st over to Lemont Rd./State via 147th.  Eventually a signal was placed at Gougar and 143rd.

  • Worked to get the signal light at RT. 6 and Parker.

  • Stopped a lighting ordinance that had no measurements or specific parameters to define what is considered a nuisance.

  • Stopped Will County Land Use from initiating a rental inspection program targeting 17,000 plus landlords based on HUD guidelines. Will County never adopted HUD guidelines.

  • Eliminated code violations initiated by aerial photos. Code violations are now complaint driven.

  • Argued that code inspectors should only inspect items for which a permit was written. They should not have the right to write violations for other items out of code. They can only inspect the items for what the permit is issued for.

  • Stopped the requirements for a building permit for various minor repair and maintenance items on your property:    Replacement of damaged siding for 100 sq. ft. or less is exempt from needing a permit.  No permit is needed to replace or repair 100 sq. ft. or less of the shingles on a leaking roof.  No permit needed to replace gutters.   Pools capable of holding water twenty-four inches high or less need no permit unless there is associated electrical.  Replacement of bad deck boards on a deck, including stairs, require no permit.  No permit is needed for repair or replacement of a garage door in the same opening. Replacement or repair of any lighting fixtures that do not require the actual re-wiring of a building requires no permit. Repair or replacement of ducts is exempt from a permit.  No permit needed for repair or replacement of: range hoods for a stove, dishwasher, wash machine, dryer, or refrigerator.

  • Voted to not allow County Board Elected Officials to take the IMRF Pension.   Since I have be on the Will County Board, there have been no pay raises for County Elected officials, and County Board member Pensions were eliminated.  I never took the Pension even though it was an afforded benefit.

  • Will continue to fight against tax increases, excessive regulation, and expanding the size of Government.

  • Led the effort to make Will County the third county in the state of Illinois to ask for legalization for concealed carry.  Brought forward a past Resolution making Will County a Sanctuary County for guns. Initiated the Resolution making Homer Township a Sanctuary Township for the 2nd Amendment.

  • Worked against adopting the initial Will County Gas Tax.

  • Wrote and presented the Resolution that is now moving forward the Landfill Expansion.


As Township Supervisor:

  • I lowered the property tax levy by 16.41% of the tax dollars within my first seven months.

  • Implemented the video recording of Township Board Meetings fulfilling the promise of true transparency, something the former Supervisor refused to do.

  • Initiated the Resolution making Homer Township a Sanctuary Township for Life.

  • Worked with HUD and Will County to get 2.2 million dollars as a grant from CBDG to repair our 30-unit Senior center.

  • Working with Will County to secure a grant for $138,000 from ARPA.

  • Secured a CBDG Grant for $508,104 awarded on June 13, 2022 to be utilized for the much needed repairs at the Homer Township Senior Housing located at Founders Crossing. 

Under my leadership as Chair of the Homer Township Republican Organization, membership has grown to 467 in two years.   I also have all nineteen Homer Township precincts filled with a Committee person.