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Stephen J. Balich for Will County Board District 4

Steve  has lived in Homer Township for twenty-four

years and raised his three children there.  His

children attended District 92 Schools and Lockport

Township High School.   Steve volunteered for the

community with Homer Stallions, Homer Athletic Club,

and taught CCD at St. Dennis in Lockport.   Steve 

attended Moraine Valley, Governors State University, and went on to obtain his BA at St. Xavier University.

His political background started many years ago.  His experience as a former Township Trustee, as well as Township Clerk, gave him a unique perspective on the role of Township government today.    Steve was elected to the position of Township Supervisor in April 2021 with over 60% of the vote, and in less than one year has cut spending and reduced the Township tax rate by 16%.

Steve currently represents the Homer and Lockport communities on the Will County Board, Disrict 7, where he serves a dual role as Forest Preserve Commissioner.   With the recent redistricting, Steve looks forward to representing the constituents of the newly drawn District 4.

Steve has been involved with the Homer Township Republican Organization for many years, and was named Chair of the HTRO in 2020.  Under his leadership the organization has tripled its membership.

Elected to the Will County Board in November 2012, he has served on all of the committees except Executive. He has more than thirty years experience as a member of the Teamsters Union. A key accomplishment...  Steve is a member of the County Republican Caucus, which lowered the tax rate while building a new Public Safety Building, Court House, and Health Department headquarters. In addition, he helped start a program to replace County Sheriff squad cars on a yearly basis.


He played a pivotal role in stopping code violations initiated by aerial photos, wherein code violations are now complaint driven.  “Before they were using aerial photos by Google Earth to perform flyovers and using aerial photographs to give people code violations. I got that changed so that they can’t use aerial photos at all anymore to initiate a code violation. I didn’t like the idea of the government using code enforcement as a tool to put people in their place,” said Balich in a recent interview.


He also argued that code inspectors should only inspect the violation that they came to inspect, and didn’t have the right to write additional violations for other items that were not part of the original complaint.  


He helped stop mandatory sprinkler systems from being required in all homes, eliminated required building permits for certain minor repair and maintenance items to homeowners, and helped pass a Resolution allowing the Court to return fees for towing, storage, and administration if found not guilty in court.  


He voted against salary increases for County-wide and County Board elected officials.


Balich supports referendums allowing the public to have a say on how the government spends their money, whether that is on programs or parks. “People on the other side of the aisle that are progressives, they think that the more you tax, the better; but the reality of it is that some people are getting taxed out of their homes because they are used to paying one price and then all of a sudden the prices go up one year,  then again the following year, and at one point they say they can’t afford to live there.”

He is currently the Homer Township Supervisor and applies the same common sense solutions to that government body as well.

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