"Fix where we live"

Cooperation, not Competition

In 2020 the HTRO pledged to "fix where we live."  They kept this pledge and its candidates swept the local races in Homer Glen and Homer Township.  Thus began a more cooperative working relationship with ALL local municipalities that comprise Homer Township.

Some of the accomplishments achieved by Supervisor Balich for the BETTERMENT of the Township: 

  • Dropped the frivolous lawsuit filed by the previous Township Administration against the Road District Commissioner and the Village of Homer Glen.

  • Annexed the Trantina Farm into the Village of Homer Glen, thus protecting the Western Boundary of Homer Glen from further Annexation by the City of Lockport, preventing additional warehouses from being constructed.

  • Gave control of all Township owned parks within the Village boundaries to the Village of Homer Glen, which reduces Township spending and provides for economies of scale and comprehensive maintenance of all of the parks in Homer Glen, as the Village has a dedicated revenue source for Parks, whereas the Township does not.


  • Reduced the Township tax levy by 16.5%

  • Reduced the Township Road District tax levy by 65%

Future Goals:

  • Future enhancement of Trantina Farm while protecting Open Space.  A preliminary concept is in the design phase that would bring outdoor amenities for the use and enjoyment of Township residents.  Similar in nature to CD&Me in Frankfort, this outdoor event center can be used for weddings, family events, birthdays, concerts, etc.  The revenue generated will help offset expenses for the Township, thus keeping the tax rate low or even realize a potential reduction.  In 2020, voters in Homer Township supported a Referendum by the previous administration to construct an event center.  The previous Supervisor refused to annex into the Village and planned to build a permanent structure on the property, utilizing County zoning codes which are much less restrictive than the Village's zoning requirements.  By respecting the wishes of the voters, the Township is continuing to develop this concept, with the understanding that the Voters supported the idea of an event center, and the potential revenue would help offset the taxes of the homeowners.  Understand this is still in the conceptual stage.  See more HERE.

  • Pursue Grant funding for future renovations at Founders Crossing Senior Housing and the Old Town Hall.  Despite attacks from the leftist mob claiming otherwise, the floor of the Old Town Hall had collapsed, rendering it unusable.  Founders Crossing, along with multiple Township run facilities, were neglected by the previous Township Administration and the current Board is doing the best it can with limited funding to rectify the issues without imposing a huge tax burden on the homeowners.  See More HERE