Cooperation, not Competition

The HTRS pledges to communicate and cooperate with ALL local municipalities that comprise Homer Township, for the betterment of Homer Township.

  • The lawsuit filed by the Township against the Road District Commissioner and the Village of Homer Glen is spiteful and absurd; the residents will suffer by paying the legal fees for all parties.


  • The Homer Township Republican Slate will work with the Villages of Homer Glen, New Lenox & Lemont, and the City of Lockport, to sensibly solve the Road District issue with no increase to the Homer Township tax rate.

  • We will annex the Trantina Farm property into the Village of Homer Glen to help ensure the Village's western boundary are protected from annexation by others thereby blocking potential warehouse development.  This is something the current Supervisor refuses to do.

Heritage Preservation


Strengthen the Township’s commitment to preserving open spaces and the natural beauty of the Township.


We are against any plans to increase density or bring in apartment complexes.

Fiscal Responsibility


The HTRS has no intention to dissolve or eliminate the Township. 


However, we pledge to reduce unnecessary Township Government spending:

  • consolidate and/or eliminate budget line items as well as to investigate all cost-cutting opportunities to reduce operational overhead (provided it does not affect the level of services our constituents receive).


  • Properly (and routinely) maintain all Township buildings, properties, and assets to avoid unnecessary expenses due to improper maintenance and lack of repairs. 


  • All work or services more than $5,000 or more MUST be put out for bid.  No more automatic State-Bid contracts!


  • All major Township projects exceeding $1,000,000 must be supported by a majority of Township residents via voter Referendum.


The HTRS will bring transparent, open and fair governance to the residents of Homer Township:


  • All meetings will be open and transparent in accordance with Illinois Laws… Meetings will be video recorded and shared via social media and the township website.


  • All Township Government activities will be shared via modern Website with advanced and user friendly technology.


  • Budgets, Projects and finances will be open and visible to all, no need to file a Freedom of Information Act Request in order to acquire information at every turn.

Improve/Increase Services


There is a clear lack of services for the needs of Seniors, Children, and Special Needs constituents, which is one of the primary functions of Township Government. 


The HTRS will work with the proper agencies and other local municipalities to streamline and/or increase the level of services available to our residents.


Supervisor Meyers has served 3 consecutive terms and nothing has changed during all that time.