An Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) has just been signed between the Homer Township Road District and the Village of Homer Glen documenting the transferring of all roads in HG and assets from the RD to HG. 


In the IGA there are a couple of trucks and some hand tools being left behind to maintain the remaining 18 miles not transferred to HG, and the understanding that the day to day equipment such as bucket trucks, mowers, wheel loaders, sewer jetting equipment, etc. will somehow be available to borrow from HG which is ridiculous. Also, the current Road District buildings, parking lot, etc will be transferred as well. A new, empty, smaller building has been constructed nearby which HG will actually lease to the Road Dist which they may have the option to buy with 6 months notice. This was all done behind everyone's back in Homer Township and without their input or approval. 


I have heard that the current HT Board now may be negotiating with HG to pass this IGA and drop their law suit blocking - which in my opinion would be in exchange for the endorsement of the HG mayor and Board for additional votes to get re-elected...


If elected, and if the IGA is adopted, I would do the following: Solicit the purchase of the new building, which I believe is for $10, and add any offices, welding and maintenance stations required to make it fully functional. Also I would solicit current staff not wanting to be rehired to HG to maintain their jobs at the Road District for continuity - only around 4 to 5  staff would be needed vs. the current RD staff of about 14 due to the reduced 18 miles of roadway left to maintain. I would pursue a part time mechanic - needed for maintaining equipment and for active break downs. I would perform an evaluation of leasing new equipment rather than buying new or being at the mercy of HG to borrow equipment which is never feasible. Additionally salary and benefits would be evaluated for the new staff, along with pursuing any necessary training to try and reduce hiring outside vendors for services which they could be trained to do in house. And finally, the salary of the Highway Commissioner would be evaluated for reduction, along with the HT Road District tax. 


Mail in voting begins Feb. 25, Early voting begins March 22, and election day is April 6.  Thank you for your consideration and God bless.

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