• Recent rumors and innuendo continue to repeat the lie that the Township Board is developing all of the Township Open Space.  This is simply untrue. 


Before due diligence was complete, political enemies of the Township Board leaked a proposed concept plan for a development behind Founders Crossing on the remainder of the former Welter Farm.   Due to their commitment to transparency, the Township Board revealed the concept to the public, to see if there was community support.  After conveying that it would become a Referendum should they decide to move forward, they made the decision to drop the proposal.

The project is dead.  They are not moving forward with the project.

  • Recent rumors about rent increases at Founders Crossing cast the Supervisor in a negative light.  However, the fact remains, it was the neglect by the PRIOR Supervisor that forced them to increase the rent.  Read the truth by clicking on the link below.