Who We Are

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Stephen J. Balich for Township Supervisor 


I have lived in Homer Township for 24 years and raised my three children here.  My children attended District 92 Schools and Lockport Township High School.   I have volunteered for the community with Homer Stallions, Homer Athletic Club and I also taught CCD at St. Dennis in Lockport.    I attended Moraine Valley, Governors State and went on to obtain my BA at St. Xavier University.

My political background started many years ago.  My experience as a former Township Trustee as well as Township Clerk gives me a unique perspective on the role of Township Government today.    I currently represent the Homer and Lockport communities on the Will County Board, where I have a dual role as Forest Preserve Commissioner.  I have been involved with the Homer Township Republican Organization for many years, and was named Chair of the Committee in 2020.  Under my leadership, our organization has tripled its membership.


My goal as Supervisor would be to consolidate services and eliminate unnecessary spending.  At this time there is no intention of dissolving the Township, however, finding cost-cutting opportunities is essential for the long term sustainability of the Township, provided it can be achieved without a reduction in services.

Promoting cooperation between the Township, The City of Lockport, and the Villages of Homer Glen, Lemont, and New Lenox is especially important to me.  Services for seniors, children, and special needs constituents are some of the main concerns of the Township.  The monthly Seniors’ Lunch at the Cross of Glory church, was one of the things I enjoyed most as chair of the Senior Committee for the Township (back when I was a Township Trustee).


Bringing transparency to Homer Township is imperative, and one of my main goals. The Township Board under the current leadership has been the most secretive, non-transparent local levels of government I’ve ever witnessed.

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Carmen Maurella, M.S.A/M.S.T., for Township Assessor 


I have been a resident of Homer Township since 1982.  I remember Bell road being gravel, and 143rd and 151st having only stop signs.   I graduated from Lockport Township high school and pursued a career in accounting at JJC and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Governor state University.   I am currently finishing up my Masters in taxation at Kaplan University.  I married my high school sweetheart Christy and together we have raised six children in this lovely rural community.  I was President of the Homer Stallion organization, volunteering in various capacities with the organization for several years.  I own my own accounting practice in Lockport.


I have been in the process of earning my Certification as an Illinois Assessing Officer and having over 20 years’ experience in accounting roles with strong experience in financial statement preparation, report design, account reconciliation, variance analysis, and audit preparation. I .feel I would be a good fit to create a fair and equitable evaluation of your property value.


With my extensive knowledge of our community and many years of data analytics I feel you will benefit the most, having your property evaluated fairly and equitable.  Also, create a friendly and welcoming environment to educate our community on property tax evaluation and fairness.


I would be a great candidate and ask you to vote for a better Township and a friendlier assessor.  I will work to help educate and help you understand the inner working of our property tax laws.

I look forward to helping our community understand the process better, so they feel that they are treated fair, creating a welcoming environment for all resident to know they are being heard.

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Brent Porfilio for Township Road District Commissioner


I am 54 years of age, and have been a vested Homer Township resident for the past 21 years, and raised my 4 children here. My professional career has spanned 30 years, as a licensed Professional Civil Engineer, winning numerous professional awards for my work and engineering projects. My job duties include the planning, design, construction and maintenance of roadways, bridges, culverts, ditches, and new facilities, similar to all of the assets of the Homer Township Highway Department. In 2016 I was selected as 1 of the 3 finalists for Will County Engineer.


With the current proposal by the Village of Homer Glen to create their own Public Works Department, promoting cooperation between the Township, the City of Lockport, and the Village of Homer Glen is more important than ever.  I will evaluate the District needs, gather data on the assets, staff, and how day to day operations have been run in the past.  The data collected will allow for the development of a plan moving forward on how to run the District in the best, most efficient way possible, enhance the services it offers, optimize the budget and elements which drive our tax rate, and serve the taxpayers and people of the Township in the best way possible. I look forward to building efficiencies and capabilities of staff, providing additional training to increase staff capabilities, and making sure the equipment and materials of the District are adequate for performing our work.


As with any leadership position, experience, people skills, problem solving skills, desire to do the right thing, establishing budgets, and having vision is critical to success – and I possess the necessary skills for this position.


My leadership and political experience also includes the following:

  • City of Lockport - Planning and Zoning Commissioner - 2007 to present

  • Homer Township Precinct Committeeman – 2018 to present

  • President - Wesmere Lakes Homeowners Association – 1994 to 1998

  • Vice President, Director - Willow Walk Homeowners Association

  • Vice President – National Society of Professional Engineers, Illinois Section

  • President – Illinois Society of Professional Engineers, Chicago Chapter


In closing, the top two issues which need to be addressed include resolution of the Village of Homer Glen’s plan to establish a public works department, and working towards a positive resolution for all involved.  In the meantime, evaluating Road District expenses and ensuring that appropriate services are provided will be my focus.

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Vicki Bozen for Township Clerk


I moved to Lockport in Homer Township when my husband and I got married in 1993. Together we are raising our three wonderful children; the two youngest attend Lockport Township High School and our oldest was just accepted into a Physician Assistant program. I am a graduate of University of Illinois in Chicago and received my MBA from the University of St. Francis in Joliet. Previously, I served as Homer Township Trustee for two terms. Living in this community for the past 26 years is my motivation for running for office, and have a vision to properly manage our growth and reduce government waste.


I have worked in business for the past 30 years and feel that my knowledge and expertise in management makes me a good fit for the job of Homer Township Clerk. I believe that good management, budgeting and spending will allow my team and I to run the Township in a proper and efficient manner. It is important for us to retain open space while attracting new businesses. Looking toward the growth of Homer Township, we have to implement the right vision and strategy to accomplish goals that I feel will provide numerous amenities while at the same time, exceptional quality of life for all of our residents. 


One of my biggest passions is Shared Attire where I have been volunteering for the past three years. This non-profit is located at the Hyde Park Union Church in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, and is run in conjunction with the Chicago Food Depository. Here we provide clothing, personal hygiene and household items to families within the Chicago community. 


I feel I am an integral part of this community and will continue to do what is best for Homer Township. I look forward to serving you and your needs as Homer Township Clerk.

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Angela Adolf for Township Trustee


I have lived in Homer Township since 2002 when my husband and I bought our first home to raise our family in this close-knit community.  My husband (Joe) and I have two boys who attend Lockport Township High School. 

I feel very blessed to have been able to serve our community in various ways:  When my boys were in elementary school I joined the Butler Parent Teacher Organization Board to help raise over $150,000 in funds for additional resources for the kids.  In 2008, I started a non-for-profit, the Lockport-Homer Youth Theater, which has served over 1,000 local students by providing performing arts opportunities right here in our community.  In keeping with my desire to continue to serve, I ran for the Homer 33C Board of Education and was elected as President of the Board from 2012 – 2014, and Vice President 2014-2016.  I remain actively involved at the high school as a LTHS Foundation Board Member, and an avid supporter of the Choir Boosters and Madrigals. 


I am running for Homer Trustee to leverage everything I have learned to expand helping our Township and support you as my neighbors.  There are so many wonderful opportunities for Homer Township to deliver wonderful community services.  I would like to see that the Township is doing everything it can to provide the best possible governance, and keep a keen eye on spending while serving our Township.  Thank you for your support!

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Michael Bonomo for Township Trustee


I have been a resident of Homer Township for 20 years.  My wife and I reside in the Lockport section of Homer Township.  All four of my children have been raised in the Homer/Lockport communities and attended our wonderful schools.    I am currently employed as Vice President of Sales and Marketing; I have been an active civic volunteer, coaching for the Homer Athletic club for Baseball, Basketball and Soccer;  Member of Knights of Columbus; I have volunteered for the last 30 years with St. Albert The Great in Chicago, a Non-Profit Organization focused on Charitable Operations for People in Need All Year Round.   I am on my second term as a Precinct Committeeman and I am the former President of the HOA for Creekside Estates in Lockport.

I am running for Homer Township Trustee because I have always believed that local governments have the biggest impact on the quality of life for families and the sustainability of our businesses.  I have always wanted to be that person who was helping the people in my community. 


I believe, the role of an elected official is to serve something greater than one’s self and prioritizing the vision and needs of the community.  In my 20+ years of living in the Homer Glen/ Lockport area, I have always had the desire to be active with the residents. 


My work experience in sales has always been to listen to peoples’ concerns and come up with a solution.  An elected official’s job is to perform the same task…listen to your constituents and resolve their issues.  Through my marketing, my job is to inform people of new products and ideas which could help them within their operations.  As a Homer Township Trustee, I will be informing the Residents about decisions being considered, showing transparency within our government body.  Ultimately our job is to preserve our community with efficient policies and make every effort to ensure our Township impact on the tax bill is minimal, yet efficient.

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Matthew Connelly for Township Trustee


 have lived in Homer Township since 2009 when my wife and I moved here to raise our family. My wife Jen and I are raising our 4 children who attend our local schools.


Working as a project manager for a homebuilder, I understand what is necessary to get a job completed properly at the lowest cost and on time.

​I have been an active volunteer in the many sports programs the Homer Glen community has to offer. I have volunteered to coach for Homer Athletic Club and the Homer Stallions organizations. My children are in wrestling, cheer, baseball, softball, and soccer.

Less Government, Taxes, and Regulations will guide me. I agree with our slate wanting to consolidate whatever can be without any loss of service or any increase in taxes.

I am running for Homer Township Trustee to support my community and help preserve this great community.

Rivera Portrait (1).jpg
Rob Rivera for Township Trustee


As a resident of Homer Glen since 2002, my wife Karen of 30 years and I have raised three children in this community, and all have attended the Homer and Lockport school systems.  Our family has been actively involved in the community throughout our residency here in Homer Glen.

I have served on the board for the Homer Athletic Club for several years as my children were in many of the sports programs sponsored by the community.  I am an active member and leader at a local Christian church in Homer Glen.  I have been a member of the Pipefitters Local 597 Union since 1995 and have been working in the trades since that time.


As an active member of my community I am passionate about advocating for the good of the community. Raising three young children and building a future here with my wife has brought an awareness of the need to advocate for hard working individuals that strive to provide a comfortable and safe life for their families, without outrageous financial burdens.


I am committed to fighting for the things that are beneficial to the taxpayers of Homer Township. The nominee to be a candidate for Homer Township’s Trustee is not taken lightly by me and I humbly ask for your vote on April 6, 2021.


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Dave Lombardo, George Pearson, Richard Kavanagh, Ed Ronkowski, Margo Mc Dermed, Ruben Pazimino, Gary Davidson, Sharron Brannagan, Paul Wills, Dave Ondyak, Steve Spontak, Lisa Caparelli Ruff, Dave Mollanari, Gary Mitidiero, Leticia Ropo, Dale Fontana, Don Labriola, Anthony Granata, Ce Ce Demora, Maryanne Bozen, Jim Lahey, Clair Van Horne, Mike Ally, Sue Ally, Anthony Jurgeto, Mike Gargone, Don Tomala, Bob Stengle, Tom Cunningham, Dave Lombardo, Cass Wennlund, Cesar Marin, Julie Berkowicz, Joe Malacina, Eric Roche, Jeff Tuminello, Frank Degrado, Judy Ogala, Marty Pavlik,  Matt Connelly,  Marcin Rejniak, Vince Colabelli,  Kathleen Konicki,  Dan Hagan,   Tom McNulty,  Dan Ahern,  Marcia Ahern,  Bob and Marianne Schmidt.  Mark Ritter, Bruce la Ha, Rocky Ausec, Bill Bell, Jim and Angel Shake, Greg Fisch,  Jeanette Shutay,  Mark Conlin,  John Walters,  Susan Cook, John Wall,  Larry Vacala,  Mitch Ally,  Mike Acke,  Jack Flemming, Hunter Vail, Richard A. Schenk,  Mike Gondek,                            Camielle Holcombe,  Jen Rudolph,  Sam and Janet Fiaccato,  Paul and Charsie Wills,  Sam and Brittany Giannola, John and Lynn McGary


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